Portfolio of Mark Powell / Tattooist Sydney

Here you'll find just a sample of the many themes and styles of my work.




A biomechanical tattoo is one in which a part of the body is fused with a machine to create a tattoo imagery of machine or robotic parts. Being part human, part machine, this style of body art explores the human biological body makeup.
Black and Grey tattoos heavily draw on shading and the style is often used to create a 3-D effect without using colour. Highlights can be added using white ink, which smooths out sharp transitions between the different shades.
Small tattoos are a way to sport some ink without a big commitment. From floral designs to symbols and quotes, roman numerals through to matching couples designs, there are a stack of options when it comes to smaller tattoo designs.
A portrait tattoo is a photo realistic style requiring a great deal of skill and experience. They can be done in black/grey or colour. When created by a master tattooist they will often go beyond a work of art to convey emotion also. Few of us feel there is many things more important in life than family.